We give you the space to make your business work

Looking for a virtual green screen background?
An ergonomic standing desk? Or maybe just a private phone booth?
Look no further.
We have ±6,000 sq ft of unique elbow room just waiting for you.

Let’s setup a time to connect!

Our Core Values

“After being a part of the co-working and shared-space industry sector for over 30 years, I regard VON as my greatest accomplishment. Why is that? We are a locally, veteran-owned and independently operated business; bereft of corporate management layers; and geared toward offering you the best value for the best services for the best price. Minimum overhead expense on our part. Maximum passthrough in savings to you”.

– Teresa Ubag, Co-Founder and CFO

you can trust us with your business

Our code of ethics is really quite simple.
We believe in forging long-term relationships — over email client lists.
We favor flexible, customized services — over standard, billable add-ons.
We practice agility and innovation — over status quo industry practices.

We’re reliable

Competent, consistent,
trustworthy, and responsible
in all aspects of service delivery.


Trained, experienced
and ahead-of-the-curve
on coworking and shared-office
industry trends
and customer expectations.

and efficient

Quality of performance and effectiveness
driven and measured
by customer feedback and loyalty.

Our Vibe

We’re connected:
A sense of community, welcoming and inclusive.
We’re respectful:
Mindful of individual work styles and preferences.
And everyone is energized:
Lively yet calm. Animated yet subdued. Dynamic yet private.

Sounds appealing?

If you’re just passing through

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Or here to stay

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Our Fans

This is why we do what we do.

And this is why we love what we do.


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