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Venture OfficeNow, LLC

Venture OfficeNow, LLC (VON) is a Sacramento-based, independently owned and operated company offering ±6000 sq ft of office, coworking and meeting room space. VON emphasizes its 30 years of experience in the industry coupled with a unique array of extras including a members’ lounge, cybercafé, workout facility with showers, 24/7 access, and outdoor work spaces, to name a few. Perhaps the most significant of these is the entrepreneurial spirit of the co-founders, affording them the drive to offer flexibility in plan memberships and unparalleled personal customer service.

Alan Fukushima

Alan is Sacramento born and raised.

His experience runs the gamut from Detective, Violent Crime Investigations, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department (1989 – 2010) and Independent Consultant to five national non-profit organizations; to Enrolled Agent before the Internal Revenue Service (1989 to Date) and United States Bankruptcy Trustee for the Eastern District of California (2010 to date).

Alan is an entrepreneur at heart as indicative of his establishing an Agency service to the some 30 years ago.

Alan is always up for a spirited game of golf and sharing a glass of the finest wine with his large circle of friends. Coming from a very closely-knit family, he is devoted to spending time with his children and grandchildren.


Teresa Ubag

Teresa was born in Virginia to a Navy father, and she grew up from youth through college in the Philippines. Following an 8-year stint in the US Army, she landed her first civilian job in Sacramento with a leading regional coworking and shared office space firm.

Over the past 30 years, she has made a successful career in the industry.

She has worn every hat in the business including reception, IT, accounting, sales, and management. The experience and expertise she acquired along the way gives her a unique perspective on how to provide outstanding, professional experience for her firm’s members. Teresa knows that relationships are the foundation of a successful business and begin the moment the member walks through the door.

When not at work, Teresa enjoys family time with her life partner and her daughters, traveling often to Hawaii.

Office Location:
2450 Venture Oaks Way, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95833

Mailing Address:
Same as Location Address

Telephone: 916.449.3900
Email: info@ventureofficenow.com
Website: www.ventureofficenow.space

Agent of Record:
Kristina M. Reed, J.D.

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